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The Snap Lube Story

Let me tell you why I developed Snap Lube.

My wife and I have a houseboat and she could not unsnap the snaps without hurting her wrists. Having arthritic joints, it hurts her to twist or pull on the snaps and she would call for help to undo the snaps.

First I tried a spray lubricant and got oil all over the canvas. Then I tried a screwdriver, thinking if this slips, I'll ruin a canvas. I told myself, there has to be a BETTER way. I then developed Snap Lube!

Development of Snap Lube's special formula took 2 years. Not only does it work really, really well, but the lasting effect (residual) may continue up to a year.

~ Joe Reynolds

Snaplube Fixes Squeaky Doors

UnSnap Snaps in a Snap!

UnSnap Snaps in a "Snap" with Snap Lube!